Hey, my name is Naomie.

I am an artist/illustrator/designer, eyewear stylist & student optician from Montreal, Canada.

I have a Bachelor’s of Design degree from the OCAD University in Toronto with a specialty in Illustration and also received my D.E.C (Québec) in Illustration from Dawson College in Montreal.

I love to work with various materials and medias, including but not limited to watercolors, oils, pen, ink, and graphite. My artistic influences range from Van Gogh’s oil painting practice to contemporary photography, evident in the range of styles expressed in my work.

I draw inspiration from my travels around the world. I love to experiment with vintage film cameras and sometimes incorporate these in my works. You can follow me on instagram to keep up with my adventures. 

Above all, I am constantly learning new practices (my current exploration being printmaking and typography) and therefore open to any project.

Got an idea in mind? I’m your gal.

Cheers! / À bientôt!

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